Our 'More Power' Tennis Smoothie

Our 'More Power' Tennis Smoothie

Over lockdown, with more time at home to prep a nutritious breakfast we’ve become smoothie obsessives.

Renowned for their energising, mood boosting and hormone regulating benefits we certainly feel better for them.  The only down-side is that you need to watch the calories to save your power smoothie turning into a power sundae.  Here’s a recipe we’re loving that’s high on nutrition, without blowing the carb bank:

1 handful of oats  

½ medium banana – Leave these to go brown and gooey before using for added sweetness.

1 scoop/25g of protein powder - Go for one with a sweet flavour.

1 tsp cacao powder

1 tsp milled linseed

2 tsp inulin – This is an all-natural ‘pre-biotic’ loaded with fibre and a sweet taste with none of the calories. Find it in all good health food stores. If you have FODMAP intolerances, leave the inulin out.

1 clump of frozen spinach – Aside from that iced blended goodness, frozen veggies create less global food waste and are proven to have more nutrition than day old fridge veg.

1 large frozen broccoli floret - Team frozen!

1 tbsp probiotic yoghurt (we love Skyr) – With gut health now identified as key wellness marker, probiotic cultures like lactobacillus acidophilus feed your tum with incredible goodness. Not all yoghurts have these though, so double check the label.

Blended together with roughly 175ml water depending on your favoured consistency.

Exeat's 'More Power Tennis Smoothie' racks up roughly 275cal and should keep those engines revving until lunch time.